Dutch cemetery in Cassimbazaar

The Dutch cemetery in Cassimbazaar is the first of our Indian Dutch heritage places on our one-month travel list. Only two inscriptions of the 22 at the cemetery in Cassimbazaar are readable when we visit it in the morning of 10 December 2013. They are of Gregorius Herklots and two of the Bahe family.


The cemetery is well kept, but we are disappointed that most of the stones seem to have been getting a layer of cement so that inscriptions are no longer visible. But in the 2011 book The VOC in India (in Dutch) Bauke van de Pol has a picture of 1900 by the journalist Maurits van Wagenvoort, who writes that there were only five inscriptions visible at that time. See also a Bauke van de Pol video.

It is interesting to note that both the Archeological Survey of India and the Department of Tourism of the West Bengal Government have information boards at the entrance of the Dutch cemetery


Tomb of Tamerus Canter Visscher

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