Cochin: David hall renovated

David Hall, gallery and café  were renovated beautifully. The David Hall buildings opposite the Parade Ground on Fort Cochin  is what remains of the three houses built by the Dutch between late 1670s and 1690s. They used some of the material from the Portugese churches that they demolished. It housed the Dutch commander of the garrison. The structure was called David Hall when it was bought by the Jewish Koder family, who lived here. I met the Koder family during my first visit in 1989.


This building was bought by the Dutch foundation Cultural heritage of Dutch overseas (CNO), that is not longer existing. CNO had hoped that it would become a Dutch Period Museum. The Casino Hotel Group CGH Earth helped restore the beautiful ancient building, as a good example of the shared legacy of India and the Netherlands. It has taken on.a new life as a cultural centre with a gallery for contemporary art for mainly young artists and a café. See their website.

Similarly, the Dutch house with the kletsbankjes op de stoep (chatter seats on the pavement) in Burgher street is now an art gallery and posh coffeeshop named KASHI. It was full when I had my morning coffee there.