Dutch radio programme misses news on Sellaband site

I just listened to the Dutch radio programme Tros Radio online on Saturday afternoon 27 February with Internet guru Fransico  van Jole. They always have interesting news about internet. To my great surprise they had an item on the bankruptcy of the Sellaband investment site for music fans without knowing that German investors had taken over the site. I read this news in my newspaper de Volkskrant on p 22 of 25 February. Last night I checked the site and it was operating again, so I invested another 350 dollars in various bands.

I find it really shocking that an official radio programme about  internet could have missed this news. Or is checking facts not part of internet journalism anymore?

Boi Akih translates Moluccan songs into jazz

Monica Akihary and her group Boi Akih have demonstrated with this concert that Moluccan folk songs can be translated into jazz. The Suara Maluku nespaper opened its Monday edition with a big picture and story on the front page. The picture shows the great concentration of the band on stage. The paper had a three-column review of the concert on page 11, with quite a few quotes from various Moluccan experts in music and culture.


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