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Fantastic ceremony in Toraja

September 16, 2009

Toraja lies 1,500 above sea level in the mountains of central Sulawesi. We started at the animal market, where people were buying bulls and pigs for a funeral ceremony we are seeing later today.


Beautiful Tongkonan’s, traditional houses that seem to pop up around every bend in Toraja land.


After sales Bandung

September 13, 2009

Here are a few pictures from after the last concert in Bandung.


Me selling all the CDs we carried. Monica left 43 behind with

a hotel in Ambon that was interested in selling them locally.


Monica signing her CD for enthusiastic fans.

Photo story from Haruku visit

September 7, 2009

On 6 September we went by speed boat to Haruku, the island where Monica’s father was born.


A view from the village.


Ambon crowd embraces Boi Akih

September 6, 2009

Around 600 people crowded the Taman Budaya (cultural centre) in Karang Panjang, the Karpan hills outside of Ambon city. The show started 45 minutes late. The band played one inspiring set of 90 minutes  and drew many responses from the crowd through hand clapping and singing along with certain Moluccan passages from the band’s Lagu Lagu album.

On he day of the concert their press conference made the front page of the Saur Maluku newspaper. The picture clearly shows how tired everybody is of the little sleep because of the travelling.



Ambon diary – 4 September

September 6, 2009

It was a plleasant drive along the bay from the airport to Ambon city. Many postcard views, as Maarten Onstein said, of green fields and nice local houses on the coast.

The Amboina hotel is pleasant, with clean rooms.

Heavy rains in the night and in morning 5 September. Late breakfast, with hagelslag and old songs playing in the reastaurant. Hagelslag is one of the Dutch remainders, offered in Indonesia, says Niels. Early Charlie Parker, Dizy Gillespie and Miles Davis black and white posters on the wall.

Combining a tour with family visits what Monica and Niels do is quite unique, Maarten observes. It started right on the first night in Jakarta, with Monica’s nephew, his wife and son joining us. Famly was queuing after the first concert. Nephews, uncle’s aunties showed up ever since.

11:45 screaming school girls in uniform and under umbrellas pass under my window, some of them take the yellow-green Angkutan kota local bus that stops every 30 seconds on two corners near the hotel. Many bercak cycle rikshaws peddle around hunting for customers in their little cube with plastic against the rain. Most of the cyclists themselves have half long plastic covers, in all colours.


From Jakarta concert to Ambon press conference

September 4, 2009

It feels as if we are on a roller coaster. Press conference at 18:00 on 4 September, Monica, Paul Peters, cultural attache RNE and the rest of the band, in Hotel Amboina, where we arrived after a 04:00 start of the day, after a four and a half hour flight from Jakarta through Surabaya to Ambon.

We arrived in Indonesia on 2 September, had the first concert in Jakarta on 3 September with a late dinner, and after less than three hours sleep we left the hotel in three taxis at 04:00.


First concert due in Erasmus huis

September 3, 2009

The concerts of Boi Akih in Indonesia are programmed by the Erasmus huis. Monica got a flyer last night about the series. Her picture also features prominently in the September-October agenda (PDF only). At 16:00 we go there for a sound check. The first concert is at 19:30, after the break of the Ramadan fasting.

Announcement of concerts

Announcement of concerts


Music from and to the heart

August 15, 2009

Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer have been my neighbours for years. Together they form my favourite band Boi Akih. Singer Monica’s heritage is Moluccan/Dutch and Niels is composer and a fabulous  guitar player. Listen to some of their clips at

I’ve seen them in concert various times, sometimes with the two of them. In different set-ups they expand from duo to a six piece band. Each of these configurations has its own sound due to the interplay of members searching for their own origin during an ongoing adventurous voyage.

Their performances always reach the hearts of the audiences. So I am going to follow them on tour in Indonesia in September, with planned concerts in Jakarta, Ambon and Bandung.


Mobilized twitterers do more than chatting

April 26, 2009

A few weeks ago I wrote that I was not convinced that twittering text messages via mobile phones and internet of 140 characters would make my communication work easier. I know now that twitterers can be mobilized combining chatting with fund raising. Enjoying the first Twestival in 202 cities with local parties and twittering with each other they helped raise more than US$250,000 for water supply in the developing world in February 2009.

US-based campaigning NGO charity:water has on 11 April started broadcasting live via satellite the drilling of the first Twestival well in Ethiopia. Four daily videos of the drilling are shown on their web site , and they introduce you to the community who got the donations. Amsterdam was one of the cities where the festivals brought together Twitter communities on 12 February 2009, see our electronic Source Newsletter.

Great stuff: Digi-library of European heritage

December 29, 2008

A few hours after the launch of the European hereritage digi-library a few weeks ago its server crashed: more than 13 million Europeans per hour wanted to have a look at iconic images from European history. It came back online mid-December. is a collaboration between universities, research institutes and content providers. The site is a prototype that will be developed in response to users’ feedback and made operational in 2009.

I tested the prototype search to check on Marius Bauer, whose paintings and etchings from India I love. It resulted in seven of his paintings in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Great stuff! And stuff that is usually in the depots of the museum!


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