Bharuch cemetery 1989

In the 1980s Martine Wolff and the Stichting Cultuurgeschiedenis Nederlanders Overzee (CNO) tried to preserve the Indian Dutch shared heritage. Unfortunately CNO bankrupted over the making of a museum in Adams Hall in Cochin. Here in Bharuch, north of Surat, CNO in 1987 financed a fence around the old Dutch cemetery there.

I visited there in 1989 and I found hardly anything left of the fence. Houses built by an Indian housing company were encroaching the old Dutch cemetery just outside Bharuch (Gujarat).


Dutch tombs in Bharuch in 1989


The only tomb there starts showing cracks.


Revisit 30 years later

When I revisited 30 years later I did not recognize the site as the Dutch cemetery. See Bharuch revisited in 2019.