Great concert and must-have CD from Boi Akih

I had a fabulous evening in the Amsterdam jazz and improvisation temple the Bimhuis with my favourite Boi Akih group. They launched their new CD: Circles in a square society, and it is a must-have one.


Monica and Niels are my former neighbours and I did an unforgettable tour with them in Indonesia in 2009, from which I reported in this blog, see For this new CD and this concert the duo teamed up with Wolter Wierbos on trombone an Kim Weenhof on drums.









It was a remarkable concert combining new compositions from Niels Brouwer Circle 1 to Circle 5 with inspired interpretations of songs from Joni Mitchel (Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire), David Crosby (Guinnevere), Jimmy Hendrix (A Merman I should turn to be and Drifting), Neil Young (Old Man) and Bob Marley (Redemption Song). Monica sings text and improvisations from the heart straight to the hearts of her audience.

I heard Wolter’s trombone as I have never heard a trombone before. The duos between Niels and Kim and Niels and Wolter were fabulous. My advice, get this CD, through and visit their site for more concerts











Listen to their Guinnevere version on  You Tube.

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One Response to “Great concert and must-have CD from Boi Akih”

  1. monica Says:

    as always, great to read your blogs, whenever you’re traveling or listen to music.
    Big Hug,

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