Invest in African artists

As early adaptor I have already quite a few CDs from new artists that received $50,000 from ‘believers’ in them on the Sell a band site . Good stuff. It brought me also two nice concerts in Amsterdam. One in Toomlers and one in Paradiso. I am still a member there.

A break away group is Africa Unsigned that focuses on selected African musicians to record music funded by fans. Through “crowd funding” artists raise $10.000 for the recording, distribution and promotion of an EP.

I have decided to put another $500 in artists on this site. Just now $30 in Victor Kunonga from Zimababwe

Kunonga’s lyrics reflect the voices of the voiceless in contemporary Zimbabwe, emerging from crisis and social inequity. His songs and their popularity derive from a profound sense of dignity and social awareness; songs that address and confront issues of poverty, dispossession, and the rights and needs of ordinary people.

I also put $30 in Neema.

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Tribute to my father

19 December 2010 is a special day for me and my family. Today my father would have become 100 years. He passed away in 1974 at 64.

My daughter and I wanted to visit my 86-year old mother in Soestdijk today. But the Netherlands is snowed in. The car and train drive from Amsterdam were too risky today. So we were on the phone to exchange memories.

After having paid into a pension fund for 41 years my mother gets only 117 Euro pension per month on top of her old age pension from the Dutch state.

My mom