Bram Bosch: De knippende schipper

Since my youth my mother has told me about her grandfather Bram Bosch (1865 –1943), who was skipper of an inland transport ship, as well as paper cutter. Near my desk I have a cutting from a Roterdam newspaper of 20 March 1931, with granddad Bosch cutting figures out of plain paper (enveloppes etc.). “An artist in his area”, the heading reads. We also have a few of his cuttings. He was also called “de knippende schipper” (the paper cutter skipper). I have a full story on my web site.

Bram Bosch

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Communication, crisis and chances

December is the month of introspection, a least in the Netherlands. My Dutch Communicatie magazine of this month is no different. “This is a crisis issue”, writes editor Rocco Mooy. The illustration of the economic crisis they use shows boxes “recession: people spend money they don’t have … on things they don’t need”. Continue reading