Highlights from the road back to Makassar

Back in Makassar from the high land of Toraja. We left the Marante Hotel at 07:10; first hours wit mountains and Tonkonans. Impressive again for a few hours. We made a nice  coffee stop at Mrs HJ Jemma’s place in Enrekang. She had dreamt last night about her Dutch friend Jan, who lives in Canada but now works in Africa. We look a like, a photo showed. So we made another photo.


This is Jan (picutre from a picture)


And this is me with the lady.

At around 12:30 we had left the mountains behind, and I had a nice seafood lunch in Pare Pare overlooking a bay.


Underway  to Makassar through a new four lane road under construction there was a lot to see. Here are some of the Buginese houses. They are beautiful as well, although not so gracious as the Tonkonans in Tojara.



Resting in the Hotel Pantai Gapura Makassar I observed the life from the docking stations with small boats to and from Laila island, which shows in my sunset pictures and films. My flip camera got blocked, fortunately at the end of my trip.


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