Last workshop and concert in Bandung

The Boi Akih band did a last concert for an enthusiastic full house in the auditorium of the Technology Institute (ITB) in Bandung. Tcoild here I sold the last 20 CDs, we could have sold at least 15 others.

Before the concert they did a three-hour workshop with 10 students each. This time I filmed the start of the concert and each of the workshops with my flip video camera. If you want to see how this works, see this film on YouTube.


Niels and his students

The reactions to both the workshop and the concert were again amazing. Interestingly the band members were happy with the workshop, but they were less happy with their individual and group performance in this late afternoon concert. Funny enough the audience did not notice it.

Today Monica and Niels do a duo lunch concert at the Dutch embassy in Jakarta. They left again early this morning. The rest of the band will fly back to Amsterdam later today. I am going by train to Jakarta.

I had a wonderful time with the band. It was a pleasure learning more about music and how musicians function. We also had great fun,

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