Band members share their knowledge

Band members gave a three-hour workshop to some 20 students in the community centre where the concert was. They started with an introduction session, (how long do you study with the group, how long individually?) Niels replied: It does not matter how long you study, but if you study difficult things. Only if you do that you can develop your self.

Unfortunately the uploading of pictures does not work right now from the Savoy Homann hotel in Bandung. What struck me was the eagerness of the students that I observed in all the rooms.

The line up of the students per artist was as follows

  • Owen Hart junior, with three young drummers, one of them filming most of Owen demos, explanations and tips with his mobile;
  • Monica Akihary, with two boys and two girls;
  • Niels Brouwer, with four guitarists;
  • Eric Calmes with four bass guitarists;
  • Maarten Ornstein with two saxophone players, who turned out to be father and son; and
  • Marc Scholts with two sound men.

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