Boi Akih translates Moluccan songs into jazz

Monica Akihary and her group Boi Akih have demonstrated with this concert that Moluccan folk songs can be translated into jazz. The Suara Maluku nespaper opened its Monday edition with a big picture and story on the front page. The picture shows the great concentration of the band on stage. The paper had a three-column review of the concert on page 11, with quite a few quotes from various Moluccan experts in music and culture.


On the celebration of 434 years of Ambon city at the main chair last night Boi Akih was allowed to play three of their songs. It was amazing to experience how strongly the massive crowd of some 10,000 reacted to Monica’s performance. After the first few bars many in the crowd joined her. During the last song she was able to have the whole square joining in the “Nuele” chorus. It was also great to see that the group played these three songs in a more pop music style and strength that worked for this big audience.

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