Boi Akih at Erasmus Huis

A short story in pictures from the first concert in the Erasmus Huis, Jakarta.


Hours of sound checks are needed per instrument and for the band as a whole.


The Jakarta Post photographer in action; with Monica without her shoes, as she performs on stage.


Sara Veal, Editor/freelancer Jakarta Post interviewed Monica for a feature and profile scheduled for the Saturday edition.


A well balanced sound is very important for any band. Marc is taking care of the sound for Boi Akih on this Indonesian tour. “At the Erasmus Huis I had all the equipment I had asked for, which is great”.


Maarten Ornstein played for the second time with Boi Akih.


On stage in the amphi theatre of the Erasmus Huis temperatures rose high.


After the concert all the musicians were stormed for signing CDs and Boi Akih t-shirts. The Indonesian agent sold out all the CDs he brought from Yogjakarta. We took another 100 on the plane this morning, and I am going to try and sell them in the break of tomorrow’s concert!

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  1. Hi Dick,

    Meltwater picked up the Jakarta Post story “Moluccan princess and her merry men enchant” – – because it mentioned “Dirk de Jong, communications officer for the Netherland-based IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre based in the Netherlands, and Akihary and Brouwer’s neighbor for 14 years”. The journalist got everything right except the URL of your blog.


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