Tired but satisfied

Back in Jakarta I am looking back at three weeks in Indonesia. I am tired but satisfied. The first ten days touring with the Boi Akih band are unforgettable. The beauty of the Maluku and South Sulawesi  have left a big impression.

Here are a few results from this morning’s work on the Dutch past in Makassar that made me soaking wet.


The governor’s residence


Nice Dutch villa

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Last day in Makassar

I am overlooking the bay from the hotel restaurant in the form of  a ship on the last morning in Makassar.


It has the best view of ships coming and going, and the wind makes the heat bearable. I can watch these scenes for hours.

This morning I went by taxi to the various Dutch historical sites in Makassar to make pictures. The governor’s residence, the court building, pleasant villas, Fort Rotterdam and societeit De Harmonie. The latter I could not photograph, as my camera’s battery needs to be reloaded. To my surprise the inside of De Harmonie was being renovated by the local government. The old red seats were stored in the open.

My flight back to Jakarta is at 17:10.

Highlights from the road back to Makassar

Back in Makassar from the high land of Toraja. We left the Marante Hotel at 07:10; first hours wit mountains and Tonkonans. Impressive again for a few hours. We made a nice  coffee stop at Mrs HJ Jemma’s place in Enrekang. She had dreamt last night about her Dutch friend Jan, who lives in Canada but now works in Africa. We look a like, a photo showed. So we made another photo.


This is Jan (picutre from a picture)


And this is me with the lady.

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‘Moluccan princess and her merry men enchant’

Jazz-loving Jakartans were treated to a truly magical evening at Erasmus Huis, Kuningan, on Thursday as Boi Akih filled the amphitheatre with vibrant melodies and rhytms. This is how Sara Veal started her story in the entertainment section of the Jakarta Post on 5 September.

Sara also quoted me and mentioned my blog. Unfortunately they used the wrong URL, so my comment with the right URL is now online. We are still trying to have copies of the paper version that must have had a few pictures.


Monica during one of the sound

Last workshop and concert in Bandung

The Boi Akih band did a last concert for an enthusiastic full house in the auditorium of the Technology Institute (ITB) in Bandung. Tcoild here I sold the last 20 CDs, we could have sold at least 15 others.

Before the concert they did a three-hour workshop with 10 students each. This time I filmed the start of the concert and each of the workshops with my flip video camera. If you want to see how this works, see this film on YouTube.


Niels and his students

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