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Indonesia, here I come!

August 30, 2009

From my travel as a groupie with my favourite Boi Akih band to Indonesia I’ll be using my blog to occasionally post messages, pictures and short film clips from my flip video camera. I am not sure if I have internet access in Ambon, where the band will do three concerts.

Here is a test with two pictures from my travel for work to Indonesia in 2007.

Canal in Yogjakarta

Canal in Yogjakarta

Yogjakarta harbour

Yogjakarta harbour

Music from and to the heart

August 15, 2009

Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer have been my neighbours for years. Together they form my favourite band Boi Akih. Singer Monica’s heritage is Moluccan/Dutch and Niels is composer and a fabulous  guitar player. Listen to some of their clips at

I’ve seen them in concert various times, sometimes with the two of them. In different set-ups they expand from duo to a six piece band. Each of these configurations has its own sound due to the interplay of members searching for their own origin during an ongoing adventurous voyage.

Their performances always reach the hearts of the audiences. So I am going to follow them on tour in Indonesia in September, with planned concerts in Jakarta, Ambon and Bandung.


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